This site allows you to search for sites that have locations associated with them based on

Please select one of the following 3 options to get results:

1. Browse around a map

Find a center point either using the Google Maps interface or the MSN Virtual Earth interface from which to begin searching for sites. Browse around a map and double click to center on the location you would like to begin searching from. Once you are ready, click on "Get Sites"

2. Search around an entry:

Enter a url above to search for sites around it:
url for Google Maps:

- OR -
url for MSN Virtual Earth:

3. Incorporate onto your page:

To include a small map with the sites around you onto your own site, please fill in the form below. You will be taken to another page with a map, showing you what the map would look like. View the source and copy/paste the <iframe></iframe> onto your page (making sure to set the height/width to whatever size you would like). Enter the url of the page you'd like and click "lookup" then copy the iframe tags to your page: